Healthy Juice and Fruits


This is now my highest appeal to myself. Drinking fruit juices often and eat fruits and vegetables everyday. With the help of the dietitian I forced myself. I met her last Saturday in a big mall when Aj and I were looking for something to buy inside, someone just asked us to see her and I agreed. There were 3 of them but the one was responsible for explaining the need of checking our diet from time to time.

Supposedly, AJ – my 8-year old son weighing 46k was their target because he looked big and tall but they decided that I will be included. So, the two of us were given precautions and need to be careful with what we eat daily. I had discovered also that the bigger the waist, the higher chance of having hypertension, high blood or high cholesterol because of the stored-fat inside. Although I look thin but because of the bigger waistline, there were chances. So better check the diet everyday. AJ could not forget the clues: MO-VA-BA and he shared it to his Papa – which means Moderate, Variety, and Balance. Now, he is conscious of what he is taking in to his mouth.

Happy Mellow Yellow Monday to everyone.

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