Meeting Old Friends

We had a chance to meet with my old friends last week until this week. Those are old friends in the music ministry when we’re still in college. Now, we have our own lives to live, different places we went and amazing work have accomplished but the most important and the best ever is the camaraderie and the love for music. We’ve been through tough times but still music is part of us and we always treasure the best memories and the laughter we shared!!!

Continue Blogging

Classes are about to start and I will be busy by then. But before having those busy days I must do something. I must write here and enjoy what I have started few years ago. I need to update my blog once in a while so that it will not look so dull and empty. It’s a joy to know that writing is the best way to express yourself. A way to show that you are still doing something for yourself, for others and for the internet world.

A friend of mine wish to write the same I do so I introduce her to some of my blogs. Just keep writing and feel free to ask questions if you are not sure.