Graduation Exercises is Coming

Graduation is here and there. And ours is just few days later. My students are excited to experience the future. It is just waiting there ahead. Graduation is the most awaited time for graduating students. It is a time to enjoy and be together as a family in that special occasion.

My hubby is also graduating in his Master’s Degree and excited to see him soaring high. Our kids are growing up and Posted on Categories UncategorizedLeave a comment on Graduation Exercises is Coming

The Connections

I just finished my work as an English Specialist in school. My students are now on their way for graduation on April 3. It’s a blessed opportunity to work with their critic teachers although it’s not that perfect and many things happened but the overall result was highly appreciated and valued. Students were enjoying their activities in their school work and I’m blessed to know their schools and the cooperating teachers.

It’s a different experience though, some were my classmates in college, others were my old friends and my new found friends. Thank God for friends here and there.

Blessed in High School

I could still remember when I was in high school. We looked so young and never been touched and kissed, lol! Thank you Lord for the gift of life. The blessings that we received is wonderful. I could still recall the happy moments we have had with classmates and friends. It was indeed a great opportunity to know each other and see each other as well in our old days.

Missed Months

I already missed months of blogging here. I do believe I can still cope up and enjoy the day. Thanks for my friends here and there. I am inspired every time I remember you all. You keep on giving bright light to your days and keeping everything possible. I missed you all.

I need to work on my blogs again. I don’t want to forget them. My friends here and abroad are fantastic and they are all great friends.