A Place to Reminisce

Visiting Bulata was already part of our travel as family since we grew up in that small cozy barangay near the seashore and we usually come back and reminisce the place. We missed this place because we grew up here and learned a lot. We visited the elementary school where we used to study and traveled to a nearby island in Sipalay City the next day. We slept in the beach resort that is owned by another friend and we stayed to our house the following day just to recall our childhood experiences. It was a week full of enjoyment seeing all the beaches we used to run and play when we’re still kids.

During the first day, we roamed around and gave time for our children to see the beaches. The next day we had another adventure and full of surprises since we went inside a small cave and people from different countries were swimming in the area. We’re amazed of the visitors from other places and countries who went there just to take pictures and swim in the beach that looked like Boracay island. Somehow, childhood days were reminisced by most of us us and we’re excited to visit that place again. Punta Bulata is a place that visitors can relax and feel the gentle breeze.

The Wonder of the Human Body


Try to imagine this: The anatomy of the human body is the most complicated creation of all. It is more complicated than the first rate racing car ever built by human hands. Suffice to say, with all its complications and subtleties, our human body even to its minutest detail have its own story to tell.

Take this case for instance: the organs of our body have their sensory touches at the bottom of our foot, if we massage these points we will find relief from aches and pains as we can see the heart is on the left foot. Typically they are shown as points and arrows to show which organ it connects to. It is indeed correct since the nerves connected to these organs terminate here.

It is just fitting to say, that our human body was not created or formed on its own by chance or due to some biological mutations. Even a single cell in our human body had to undergo a process and had its unique contributions to every individual parts of the human anatomy.

God created us for His purpose and in His image and likeness. We are blessed and every time we fall asleep there is that wonder that repair every tissues in our body and we become healthy again after waking up. God indeed miraculously created human beings. May we bring back the glory He deserves!

In a Quarantine Mode

For the second time, my son and I are in a quarantine mode since my son was not feeling well. We don’t want to be exposed outside nor expose others to cause them for an unhealthy concern in the future.

It’s better to stay at home and not risking other’s health although I’m feeling good, everything is fine with me but I need to be cautious of not the source of sickness to spread. This time, we need to be concerned not only on our welfare but also for one another. Be cautious and keep safe!

Struggle Turned into a Blessing

When my kids were young, they have a lot of struggles especially in choosing the right kind of food prepared on the table. I did struggle as well on what food to prepare for them to enjoy. Few years ago I did learn how to prepare the food, the TESDA way and I enjoyed. However, my kids are growing fast and before knowing it they have their own choices and taste. So I did something after receiving my certificate and prepared something they will always remember.

One of the things I did is posted below. Now, they learned something and enjoyed the food on the table. It’s a memorable experience for me since I have a lot of things to do in school but took time to work and develop the skill that was not my forte but learned to enjoy it along the way. The struggle was turned into a blessing if you put your heart into it.

Try to make your own story from a struggle into a blessing!

Overdue Products

Today, I received a package and I wonder if I ordered it. Anyway, I already paid some amount and to my surprise I discovered that it’s overdue. It’s impossible for them to make the product and sell it after a week. Somehow, it taught me a lesson not to pay unless I’m sure what’s inside.

If the sellers would say “bogus” not allowed, what about bogus sellers? Do we allow them to do it? Doing unnecessary things for their customers?

I already tried to send a letter and hoping they would reply. Woe to those bogus sellers, you do it just to earn a living? Those who are doing that won’t succeed.

Time is Precious

In times like this, time is to be treasured. Visiting the banks anywhere in the city may take longer time to achieve your desired purpose. I had been to my bank visiting many times after losing my ATM Card last week. It’s not a joke to work on it and at times the machine won’t work and you are asked to dine outside and come back after an hour especially when everybody seems hungry.

Indeed, time is really precious for those who work or have something to do. The waiting is tough and I learned to extend my patience.

Healthy Within

Trusting the Creator of the universe is something, believing that He alone can provide, protect and shield us is another thing. It’s always my desire to be healthy and keep track of the food intake and the thoughts that I keep in my mind that please Him. Healthy thoughts and healthy lifestyle would always go together. It is something that we need to put into heart. A heart with passion to the lost and trust that He alone controls and knows everything.

What do we feed in our hearts and mind? Do we feed something worthwhile? I decided to choose what pleases Him, it’s really a choice!