The New Normal

In this new normal scheme of teaching online, one of the things I learned while having virtual teaching to my students is to be patient. You are not sure if they are still there or they are in tune to listening attentively. Somehow, teaching in this new normal helped teachers feel safe though. Since they are staying at home and not exposed to outside environment that might harm their health. There were more than 40 students I have in one class and at times I feel frustrated since most of them were not listening. So I need to do something in order for them to listen and pay attention to what I am trying to say. This is indeed a virtue that many instructors would like to develop in this present generation.

Teaching with love while getting their attention and helping them to learn while in their homes must be of utmost importance. I usually call each one’s name and ask a question to make sure that they are still on the line. It’s indeed a tough process but it’s worth it!