Monthly Archives: December 2021

The Journey

My journey to becoming a blessing is indeed tough and rough but the end of this is God’s Sovereignty being manifested.

I’m glad to be a part of God’s workmanship. Blessing others is indeed a desire of my heart ever since. Seeing many people become happy and contented with what they have got is indeed a blessing that no one could get or snatch away from them. Journeying with people who prayed for you and with you while blessing those in need especially in the mountainous place is something to treasure deep within. Thank you, Father God for blessing your children.

I missed doing this when I was still young. I’m glad to be a part of this gift-giving to those in need. By just looking at them your heart grows…

Go Tell It

I love to sing this song, “Go Tell It on the Mountain” a song that would remind us to go and tell about Jesus who came to earth, was born in a lowly manger and did not come as a king but just like us. Telling others about Jesus is something that God wanted us to do. Sharing His love and giving something for someone who is in need.

Let us share something and learn to give. Giving is something that makes our hearts ponder. Going to different places and sharing what we have and be a blessing to many. It is one way to receive a blessing when we start to give. Let’s go and be blessed!

The Season of Giving

This Christmas season, many people suffered due to typhoon Odette. A very strong typhoon struck the Southern part of Negros. It’s the first time that we had this kind of super typhoon here in our place. It devastated the land, homes, businesses and many lost their loved ones. It was not expected to be that strong. Somehow, somewhere, people longed to have a bright Christmas but that catastrophe happened. We cannot control, only God has the power to protect, shield, and become our rampart.

God loves those who call upon Him and many did. We can still be blessed and look at the bright side of life. God is telling us something, we just need to listen and call upon Him. He is just a prayer away! He longs for us and He longs to hear from His children.

This season may not be as bright as we expect, but in His mercy knows what is best for us, and let’s learn to listen and call on Him. He is just there from a distance looking at us. A blessed Christmas everyone!

Blessing Others

Blessing others is what I desire with my church. Many came today to be blessed and be a blessing! What an inspiration! Those workers in God’s vineyard had suffered and did something for the Lord. Blessing them would mean something for them too! I saw them today and I was blessed listening to their stories especially those who experienced COVID and the recent super typhoon Odette.

Somehow, you cannot attest unless you experienced it. You cannot understand others unless you experience it yourself. I do agree with the saying… Experience is the best teacher! What a journey and an inspiration seeing people continue to move on and work hard for a better tomorrow!

A Memorable Party

We had a memorable party this morning. We had celebrated our Christmas party in just a few hours with the school and the faculty represented. Not everyone joined due to a fearful attack of COVID again. But somehow, everyone enjoys and had a little fun being together and sharing each other’s experiences after being silent and staying at home for a couple of years.

Having this kind of party was allowed but only for a few hours. Everyone greets everyone and missed the small talk before COVID strikes. We only stayed at home and during that time while working. Staying together and listening to the speaker really had reminded us of our being human. It was indeed a memorable party meeting each other and laughing to the max.

When COVID Strikes

When COVID -19 strikes the world, all of us were caught unaware. Some had difficulty in facing the pandemic. Others suffered due to the loss of loved ones. Many were afraid of losing someone especially a member of a family because it strikes anywhere and kills many.

I, for one, had experienced this tremendous effect and suffered for a month. It’s not that easy if your son experienced the same thing and feels the same fear as others. We cannot do anything otherwise. Nobody could say, he won’t be experiencing COVID because not even one is exempted. We are all victims and unaware of where to get this virus. The only thing we can do is to be aware, protect ourselves, and follow the protocols in order to be safe.

Somehow, following our government warnings would mean something for our own benefit. But how long are we going to suffer? When will it be stopped? Only God has the POWER to stop this pandemic and only God can protect the person with COVID. Let us all protect each other and be cooperative even up to this time. This is the second year of the pandemic and still, we are not sure of what might happen.

Let us TRUST and not be afraid of the future for we know that He who promised is faithful and I know who holds tomorrow and we are safe with Him, our Redeemer, and Creator!

Voice Training

My joy of training voice lessons to students is insurmountable. I love training them and seeing them grow and improve. It’s my heart’s desire to train anybody and be creative enough to improve their talents and skills. Hoping that in the near future they could also share it with those who wanted to be trained. It’s a very good idea to consider and be a blessing to others.

I have another opportunity a few months ago with two choirs in two different churches. I was blessed looking at them and enjoying to the max while listening to each other. Next year it will be another year and an opportunity for me to train the trainers. I enjoy doing this since it’s my heart’s desire to be a blessing and be blessed! Thank you, Lord, for this opportunity.