Monthly Archives: January 2022

Life is a Blessing

Life is always a blessing from the Lord! We always celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness. When it’s time for our birthday, here in the Phil. we used to celebrate even for just simple celebrations. Few days ago, my son turned 19, and even though only a few of us, only 8 attended – the laughter and victories shared by everyone made the celebration complete and everyone is blessed sharing their memory with the celebrant. What an experience and memory to behold and remember!

God is faithful and He is willing to bless everyone especially those who call upon His name and ask for help! Blessed be the name of the Lord!

Happy happy, and blissful birthday!

His Love Overflows

I could always attest to how my God carried me through amidst these hassles and dazzles of life. God is in control and He knows what is best for His children. Many things had happened and that is beyond our control. Even then, our choices can be controlled as well as our feelings and emotions. We can say “no” to the things that would harm us in the end. We can deny those things that would break us in the future. Even then, God knows how to break us if we are stiffnecked or wanted our own way. God can turn bad things into good and give Him the glory He deserves! It is all for His glory! And many times it would hurt or harm us if we disobey.

But then, men are sinners and wanted to do their own way as what the Bible declares. We wanted to be satisfied with fleshly desires and longings. Even then, He knows our way back to Him, when we are tried… we will come forth as gold! And we will be changed and everything will be done to honor Him and glorify His name! That’s what I believe!

My Refresher

I feel refreshed every time I visit this place. For me, it is a place of comfort, a place to think of God’s creation, a place of serenity and peace, and a place of simple, loving, and caring individuals. If given a chance, again and again, I would love to visit this place and stay for a while and visit the corals and other sea creatures.

A New Challenge

This new year brings a new challenge in our lives, in other’s lives, in people’s lives in many aspects of our lives. Someone may hurt you, your close friends may backbite you or do something bad and makes you feel frustrated. Many things might happen but one thing for sure, there is someone who is a friend and closer than a brother. His name is JESUS! He knows, He understands, He loves, He cares! You name it, He has it all! That is Jesus!

But many were misled and believed the other way. But for me, experience is the best teacher! No one could snatch them away from you. So keep the challenge posted in your life and believe the One who will lead you the way!

Greater Opportunity

When there is a greater opportunity, grab it. When there is an opportunity to bless do it and be a blessing. Opportunity knocks only once as many would say and we need to grab it and be a part of a change in the lives of others.

That is what I have learned this year. The new year is the new beginning and greater opportunities await those who are willing to share and be a part of CHANGE. After gathering the people and blessing them with something to bring home, the group also thank God for the work done for Him. It’s a greater opportunity that you need to grab and be a part of a change of hearts. We were on a hilltop and enjoyed the work done for the Lord. What a blessed opportunity.

Another Year of Blessings

God is indeed the giver of life and blessings flow if we believe and I believe! It’s another year of doing something for the Lord, for the ministry, for the work, and for the family and friends. I’m expectant of what God can do and trusting the One true God of what He is going to do for my life and family. We are not sure what might happen but I’m sure that He who guides me and leads me to a path of righteousness never slumber nor sleeps. God holds my future and the future of my children and the next generations.

Another year of doing something for the Lord. Another opportunity to do things right and follow His will and obey Him. His purposes are true and sure, we just need to TRUST and OBEY. Whatever lies ahead I TRUST in HIM who is the Giver of life and has it to the full! He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End! He is my everything! Thank you Father God!