21st Bday

The 30th of December is one special day for our family.  We had the opportunity to celebrate our nephew’s 21st birthday.  Keith is our first nephew, the son of our eldest sister. He has been the apple of the eye for all of us. So we decided to give him a simple yet memorable time together as a family. We had done a simple ceremony for him – more like welcoming him to the responsibility and adult life.

The first thing he did was to wash his Lolo’s hands (grandfather). It’s a symbol of respect and for his Lolo to release blessings for his first (apo) grandson.

Hubby was showing him what to do and how to do about it after explaining the meaning of it in a biblical perspective. We were blessed and encouraged to continue praying for him and his future.

He was making a hug to his father as if wanting to give a kiss at the same time.

The last part was the giving of a Bible to him. It represents “a lamp to his feet and a light to his path“. That he will be blessed if he will continue to trust the Lord and obey His commands. I was the one giving him the Bible. And telling him that God’s Unfailing Love is greater than any other. After that, we prayed and dine with all the family and friends.

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