Tomorrow is My Day

It’s my day tomorrow since I will be defending my proposal and will be facing more than five jurors and panel who will be asking more questions about my study. It will be a tough day but I’m excited because another opportunity to be done and accomplished. I guess, it will add and boast to my personality and it will give color to my world. It will be a joyous day…

What a Day!

Our 2 sons attended a birthday party last Sunday while I attended a wedding ceremony. Hubby attended both the birthday party and wedding since he was the main speaker in the party of Ielle who turned 5. And he was forced to be in a hurry to attend the wedding at the same time. Nevertheless, he was able to make it and both occasions were all special to us. Although I wasn’t able to attend the party since I was responsible for the choir and had sang in the wedding ceremony. It was a full and exciting day to us as a family.

Beach Wedding – MYM


Weddings are done everywhere, whether in a church, in a garden or in a beach or even in a simple and solemn place. A wedding id something to cherish.

This kind of wedding is something I loved.  Early in the morning – a friend of ours decided to be united in this place with all the friends and loved ones gathered together to witness their very memorable day. And the two became one in heart. What a privilege to witness a day like this.

This couple experienced God’s faithfulness, His Unfailing Love that endures till the end of time. Blessings to the newly wed.

I love to share this to my Mellow Yellow Monday friends around the world.