A Life of Blessings

I celebrated my birthday last week but it was shared to many such as friends, students, others and a family. I always enjoy sharing gifts, talents and skills to anybody. God has been good and faithful in giving me different gifts to share. I celebrated my birthday with my TCP students, BCC students, family with special guests and my co-teachers. It was fulfilling although during my birthday I was hurt. Somehow, I have learned not to expect anything from anybody in order not to be hurt again and again.

My Teenager is Growing Fast

That’s my teenager! Wanted to do his own way and wanted to be free at times. That’s my boy! I’m always thankful to God for this gift of life, the awaited time to have a baby. Done with love and affection of Mama and Papa. Thank you Lord for life and love shared together by parents. It’s indeed a blessing! He is now growing and learning his own way. He could easily make friends like his Papa and a good friend to anybody.

A Birthday Prayer

Many of us wanted to feel the presence of our family and friends. It is somewhat a good reputation that we got from our parents. Every time there is an occasion or birthday party in school we usually greet and pray for them. It is already a habit that we choose to bless our friends. WE always thank God for all the blessings we had received in the past up to the present.

Happy Birthday Nanay!

It’s our Nanay’s birthday today. Nanay Concepcion is her name. We are blessed because without our Nanay and Tatay we are not here. Thank you Lord for blessing our Nanay with good health. Thank you Jesus for the gift of life.

Many friends and relatives are also celebrating their birthdays this month and many are enjoying and celebrating God’s faithfulness in their lives. God is great and greatly to be praised!

A Birthday Wish

kuya 3

A birthday wish for our son turned 21 the other day (May 9) during the national election. It was indeed a whole day of thanksgiving. Many friends came and we celebrated with the family as well. Father, thank you for the blessing of love and life to our dear son. He has been a gift to us amidst the struggles and difficulties of life. Thank God for giving us our sons to cherish and to hold.

It’s indeed a blessing to have children. It’s our prayer that the Lord continue to bless them and that they will choose to obey God and walk in His ways.

20th Birthday

em2 bday

It’s my son’s 20th birthday. We don’t have that much to prepare but we went to Greenoz Pizza, and bought the biggest pizza in town with 2 friends, sister’s family and cousins… It’s indeed a birthday celebration.

It’s more than 20years that we long to have a baby.

My Birthday

I celebrated my birthday the other day and I was so blessed with friends and family members who are always there to support and give me strength along the way. Thank you to all of you. I baked a cake, brazos de mercedez and palabok-the favorite of everybody in school. Our eldest son Em-em also loves this kind of food. Hope I could post a picture soon. At this time it won’t work, something is wrong in my blog.