Preparing for Board

Hubby is preparing for his board exam today. One of the things that we want to thank God for, is the gift of wisdom. All through the years hubby was back to school and he wanted to finish what he had started. It’s a blessing that he did it right this time since he is looking at his children growing up and becoming to be adults after few years. Hubby and I are excited to see them grow and learning more about the Lord and His word. Thank you God for all the blessings and the gifts of children as well as wisdom you will be giving to hubby today as he will take his board exam in LET. I am always thankful to the Lord for the grace and the joy of service.

Hope for the Best

Tomorrow is an exciting day for most of us. It’s our first time to proctor Let Board exam for teachers. We just hope for the best. We will be sleeping early and will go to the university where the exam is situated. Just imagine, early morning around 5 am. It’s tough but we need to experience this in order for us to be acquainted with this kind of exam.