Summer Youth Camp

Summer Youth Camp is one great activity that young people can get involved with during their summer break. They will have the opportunity to met new friends from other places, enjoy the fun games, group dynamics and team building activities. They might even have the opportunity to explore nature or just bask on the beach, depending on the venue of the camp.

Youth Camps have different themes and different age group being catered, yet the main reason why camps were conducted was for the youth to prepare themselves for a leadership role and to take on responsibility on their respective school, family and community. The youth were trained, equipped and molded to become a better person, through varied activities including a peep talk from great motivational speakers,

My son Asher Josh, was able to attend one of such camp, and i was glad that he had consented to go. I know that he will be learning new things that will help him reach and unleashed his full potentials.

In a Youth Camp

Our son is attending another youth camp today. It’s indeed a blessing to be with young people with the same age bracket, likes and talents. After going to his school for enrollment we will proceed to another place, in the camp site. He is not excited though, since he just came back from a different youth camp. Somehow, we wanted him to enjoy his youth and experience different camps. It’s the best experience for him.