The Season of Giving

If we look at the picture immediately we can relate it to Christmas. Yes, Christmas is the season that we can enjoy. We love to see stars, different balls and Christmas trees. This is the season of giving and receiving, a season of laughter and joyous moments although some are suffering and experience tears and sadness. Amidst all these things we could say that we could still rejoice knowing that the Savior was born and came to earth for a purpose and that is to save His people from their sins.

A Song to Remember


When I was still young I used to sing with a group of singers. We used to travel and sing for people who love music. We enjoyed, we had fun, we laugh and cry with them as well especially during Christmas season. A time of sharing and giving of gifts. After singing, we gave gifts to the poor and needy. It’s a great experience. Some of our friends who could afford to give more, gave extra gifts and we could see a big smile on them. It is indeed a song to remember.