My On Going Dissertation

It’s not so easy to work and finish my dissertation. It is something that I need to focus and prepare for the final defense. Somehow, I learned to be patient while gathering the data, being patient coming and asking help from the respondents and trying to give more patience in giving extra mile and extra effort in order to finish the requirement. Now, I’m on my way, but I still need to prepare and extend extra mile in order to reach my goal. Thank God for the strength, grace, provision and blessings. Thank you Lord.

Shocking Experience

I had a shocking experience last week. For a long time I had been waiting to defend my title in dissertation. At last I had it but sad to say I need to finish it for just a week since it’s summer time and it was 2nd sem that enrolled by then. Whew!!! What an experience!

And since I need to work on it as fast as I could, I ask the help of an expert to keep it going. I thank my friends who had been there to support me through thick and thin. Their encouragement, support in all my endeavors are worth it!

I also thank God above all for the wisdom, the strength and the blessings. Thank you Lord!