Missed the Time

I missed the time when our kids are still small. They are cute and easy to caddle and they just enjoy playing with us. Now that they are grown ups we find it hard to tease since they have their own way and we cannot just easily to go with. They have their own friends, likes and dislikes and they have their own life to choose. Thank God they are still our children and they belong to us though.

Wisdom From on High


My hubby graduated this last week. We are always thankful to God for giving him the opportunity to pursue what he had started and continue to finish the race. Now, his on his way to graduate studies. Hopefully this summer he could start so that he could finish early as well. Wisdom is a gift from the Lord and we need to continue to seek God’s excellence because He is the Giver of gifts and wisdom.

My Family

We have growing up kids. We desire to give the best for them. As they grow older we saw many changes in their ways of doing things. When they become teenagers, we saw that their growing stage change as well. We both love them and we enjoyed together in going out in order to relax. They were all great kids although there are some days that we argue and they show their different behavior that displease us. However, we all love each other. And by the grace of God we were able to bless them more each day.

Long Weekend

Last week we had our long weekend in school so we had time to be together as a family. We went to a known place and dine together. It’s something that we treasure especially when kids could hang out and join us. It’s something we look forward to especially during holidays.

Somehow, we enjoyed together and next time perhaps, we would be going out with husband and wife in the church and catch pieces of fish and ask the owner of the restaurant to broil the fish we caught. Lol!

The Cousins


The cousins were having fun when we visited our home sweet home away from the maddening crowd. We missed our place and often times we went and enjoy the company of our family and children. Our youngest sister will usually invite all of us to visit the place every time she is back from work abroad. So when we have time together, we went there with the family and visit our beloved house.

The Puberty Stage

My son AJ had grown fast, becoming very alert and quick witted. He also had some few tricks under his sleeves. More often, he is very outspoken and full of humor. The only concern we have as parents is that, he’s way, too comfortable to say whatever comes to his mind in front of the people, whether good or something not pleasing to the ears. Somehow, I remind him, but often times he would easily forget and will just say… I’m sorry! And he’s fast in saying those magic words and at times, he’s not mindful of the hurt he may give.

He is also becoming very daring and will take risks to experience or try anything new that takes his fancy. He would rather associate himself with those older than him, than with his age group. In fact, we observe that he can discuss animatedly and would even make them laugh with some of his crazy antics. He would try things such as riding outside or on top of the jeepney rather than inside. He would dive and swim on a six(6) feet deep pool, though he is not that a strong swimmer yet. Be the first to try zip-lining when those older than him cowers with some inhibitions and fears.

Hubby’s Desire


Hubby is a nature lover. Wherever he went as long as he can go jogging or biking, he would do it with gusto. Last month we went to a nearby beach and he went one early morning with friends. When I woke up, he was not there because he really wanted to maintain his strength.

Everyday he used to go out and jog near our place or run around the city.How I wish I could go with him but many times I slept, huh!