Music is Always a Part of Me

Music is always a part of me no matter what. It has been a joy sharing God’s gift to others. I love to sing and enjoy what I’ve been doing before. I enjoy listening to music especially the oldies or the style of Sandi Patti and other classical music. I also enjoy training the choir and doing something for the Lord. My aunties and uncles were singing before and I guess I got it from them. God is so amazing on how it handed from generation to another but it happened and I have it. Thank you Lord.

The Violin

Last week we attended a funeral service and one of the things that attracted me was the playing of a violin while singing the hymn. It was so nice and we all amazed of God’s gift to mankind. Each one has something to share, each one has a gift being shared to everyone. Kids of the bereaved also join and we’re all blessed seeing the family.