My Son’s Graduation

Our eldest son graduated last Sunday in the course Computer Engineering. I have now an engineer. I was glad together with hubby that we were able to survive and thank God for that. God is always faithful in providing everything we need. Sending children to school these days is not that easy. We need courage and determination in order to pursue and finish what had started. Now, he’s on his way to find a job and I believe the Lord will will bless sour children especially our engineer.

After the Struggle



Just having some fun after graduation. Indeed, our labor is not in vain because God is with us. Thank God for the gift of life and wisdom. It’s not so easy when we study in a higher level courses. However, we enjoyed and had fun after all those years of struggle in order to finish what we had started. It’s only by the grace of God that we were able to survive and keep going. It’s always our desire to move on and we did it with the help of the Lord.

Graduation Month

Graduation is a memorable experience we always had in the past. When I graduated in college it seems that everything is good. I was inspired by a person who touched my heart. Inspired by my family who supported and blessed me. Inspired by friends who took care of me when things get tough. Graduation is indeed a day to behold. I
was enjoying during that time and I was so excited what’s next….

That’s what hubby did too after his graduation. He had a lot of dreams and aspirations and wanted to do many things. I love this person who touched my heart. He became my dearly beloved. Thank God for him…