With a Friend


Hubby enjoys his work as reservist. He will always help and be of help to anybody who needs help. He enjoys working with his battalion. He loves going with them and keeps on training them. It’s his way of releasing stress. Although we enjoy doing our exercises but he still wants to be with the team and work for the people and the community. That’s his passion and desire.

We keep on helping anybody but he still has a lot to share. He wants to be a part of the bravo company and enjoys working with them.

Hubby’s Shots


Hubby has the passion in taking pictures. He has the desire to buy the best camera but he sighed since until now he can’t have one. Glad we have some friends who allowed him to borrow at times. He loves doing it. Try to look at this one. He would take pictures to anybody he likes and he enjoys. And other people didn’t know that he’s taking some pictures, it’s always candid but it’s great.