Life is Too Short

Life is too short to satisfy us, a saying that I could never forget. This is actually the truth and people desired to stay long on earth. But what is life after all. It is about eating, enjoying, doing things everyday and a lot more. Yet did we think of living life to the fullest? Are we thinking of something beyond our imagination? This is something that we need to think about. Since life is too short we need to do something that will last a lifetime. And that is God and His blessing that flow. Are we on track?

Hurting Moments

I have a lot of hurting moments the past year and early this year. It’s sad but it hurts me deeply. What I did was to cry out to the Lord since I don’t have anybody to talk to and to share share with. Somehow, the Lord is teaching me to continually pray for my kiddos with hubby. I have nothing to do but to cry and cry…. This will not last a lifetime but the pain is there reminding me that only God can help us carry the burden, only HIM can give us the peace that we need. He is only the answer… Thank you Lord!

“Making others feel important..”

One author had said, “You may not remember what someone says or does, but you will never forget about how they made you feel. There is no exceptions!! Everyone wanted to feel important. That is why, you can see kids making tantrums, teens sulking and even adults pouting. Each one wanted and need “attention.

The power of recognition and praise makes a difference in the lives of people. So when you let someone feel good about himself or herself, you win that person to your cause. If you wanted to be successful in your business, or endeavors – the first thing that you need to understand is “how to make people feel important.” In doing so, success will be yours for the taking.

Facing Life’s Challenges

I would like to share this message since it gives me joy to bless people. This message is something that I love reading today. It gives colours to life…..

Life continues whatever happens
All we need is to be positive and be brave
With all the challenges we encounter
Faith in God is still the best armor.

So therefore, keep going, keep challenging, and keep loving people – life must go on. Think positive and be brave. God is waiting for us to trust and call upon Him daily. We just need to humble ourselves. He loves and cares for people. Call upon Him now, He is waiting…