When We Give and Help…

Another thought for this day. I just pray that you will be blessed and enjoy reading this thought…

When we give and help, what really is our motivation?
Do we give out to gain something in return from the people we give to?
Truth is, when you give out something and expect something in return,
You will become even more needy.
But if you give out of love and help out of your own compassion
You will receive more love and grace from the Lord…
Just believe and be blessed. That’s the Colours of Life…. Have a nice day.

The Heart

A heart that has a firm faith will not be frightened with trials and test. For it knows well that God’s love will not abandoned those who trust in Him. I always believe, God works in many ways. His plans are different from anyone and every individual has given a chance to choose wisely. The life we live is our choice, whether to live according to His purpose or to live on our own.

What is your life now? Are you trusting the Lord for everything? Are you giving Him a chance to work in your life? It’s a choice.

Life is Meaningful

Life isn’t meaningful without flowers around. Flowers give beauty and attraction. I like this kind of flowers since it blooms and it gives colors to a dying world. I love flowers of any kind but this one looks great. We always go back to the Maker of all,  the God of the wonders. He has been graciously giving us all that we need even the desires of our heart and the things that we long to have.

Flowers flourish for a little while and gone after few days but His Unfailing Love endures forever. It flourishes and extends to the end of the world.