Enjoyable Moment

I guess, this is my first time to join Ruby Tuesday. I love the color and it’s cool. I might be posting late but joining is fun and everyone seems enjoying while sharing the photos they’ve got. Students here were enjoying while driving in a motorcycle. They wore their uniform while driving. They find it easy to travel and enjoyable.

Kids Most Favorite

Food is served during special occasions especially birthdays and anniversaries. We, Filipinos loved to celebrate and prepare food enjoyed by everyone in the family and friends around. If you have noticed, the pictures of the food were the most favorite of kids. Everyone seems enjoying. And I guess, your Yummy Sunday photos are great. See you then. A blessed Sunday to one and all.

Fruits Loved

Food are served every now and then. We can’t avoid nor escape from eating. It is part of our daily lives. This picture is one of my favorites. Eating fruits and vegetables. Guess, you enjoy eating too. I’m forcing my kiddos at times to eat since children nowadays enjoy yummy food but not healthy. Anyway, glad to be a part of this Food Friday this week, at the same time Food Trip Friday and Yummy Sunday. There are a lot of food prepared – you can join and be a part too. Blessings and enjoy your weekend.

Food Trip Friday

We, Filipinos could not escape from this culture. Usually during occasions we can’t help but do something especially when there is a celebration such as birthday, gathering of family circle and thanksgiving activities. We have that culture to make a way just to make our family full inside out. That means we find something in order to prepare for the family and friends.

And so last week we had a big celebration and my sister prepared something, although we had few friends who came and a lot of food prepared but we enjoyed sharing to our neighbors some extra food left and our tummy were filled with all the food until the next 2 days. It was a Food Trip indeed.

Yummy Sunday

My Tatay (father) will be celebrating his 76th birthday on Tuesday as well as my niece 10th birthday. Their birthday falls on the same date. However, my sister decided to celebrate their birthdays today because Tuesday is a busy day and will be having classes so we opted to celebrate today.

We prepared a lot but only few came and dine with us. Anyhow, we enjoyed eating, lol! And enjoyed the food we cooked and prepared. Enjoy sharing your photos with Yummy Sunday.