A Great Day

It’s a great day tomorrow for our students. They will be joining in the many activities for their first time Intramural in the graduate studies.

Some were not sure what to do while others were excited to be a part of the big activity in school. We will go early morning so we will sleep now and wake up early tomorrow.

Be Patient

One of the things I learned while teaching my students is to be patient. There were more than 40 students I have in one class and at times I feel frustrated since most of them were not listening. So I need to do something in order for them to listen and pay attention to what I am trying to say. This is indeed a virtue that many instructors would like to develop in this present generation.

Developing the Students’ EQ

This week will be a busy week for everyone in the school. Students and teachers like will be participating in different activities and each one has its own role to play. This is where EQ or the known Emotional Quotient is being developed. They will participate and develop the camaraderie, the patience wherein other students would be very slow in the process. Others will be very busy in looking for the right person to judge during the different contests. And some will work on the prizes and help in the announcements and the games.

Somehow, our students are developed in all aspects tin order to become a full grown individual to face the coming challenges in the future.

P.E. Day

It’s our P.E. day, our students are excited especially the first year and second year students who were involved in the activities and games. Everyone is free and just roam around the corner and enjoy the day. The instructors were busy doing many things especially the recording and a lot more.

Now, I have time to blog a bit while having my relaxation. This week is quite different from the normal classes. It has a lot of free day but meetings here and there. Today, is a brand new day.

Just Came Back

I’m still tired and missed my work at home and at school. We went to a Regional Contest and stayed there for more than 3 days. Thus, going to a different place makes us feel uneasy since it’s not familiar to us. Somehow, we have learned to be sensitive and learn other culture, beliefs and different way of doing things in school. Anyway, it’s worth it! Everything is provided for us and we find it an enjoyable experience.


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CHMSC (Carlos Hilado Memorial State College) is my new home of work. That means this is my new surroundings where I need to stay almost 8 hours and work with new co-teachers since June last year. It’s another challenge and another work to accomplish. Although students were different and attitudes were not pleasing at times but the people were I worked with are great. However, the coming of K to 12 curriculum might be so hard for some of us, there might be some changes along the way. We’ll try to wait and see.