The Travel

We were so hungry when we reach Maesot, Thailand. It’s the border of Thailand and Mayanmar or the known Burma. We went to the border but they call it back door because the Burmese will pass through that small boat and reach the other country. It’s peaceful during the day but our friend said, it’s dangerous during night time. We have learned many things during the travel and we met different kinds of people. We were even blessed by just listening to our friend sharing her experiences for 17 years in that place. What a wonderful experience indeed! We were blessed!

Sipaway Tour


A family bonding with friends last December. We went to Sipaway Island and we indeed have seen a huge tree in the middle of the island near the school. A tricycle driver offered to tour us around the place. We took the opportunity and we travelled for 20 minutes. It’s a simple place with simple people living with a simple life. We rode on a boat going back to the city where we lived. It’s not boring but memorable because it’s cool and a wonderful place.

Healthy Papaya


When we visited Balokon, a resort at the foot of the mountain, we saw this huge papaya. It looks so healthy and the plants would explore because of the coldness of the place. We went there twice and we enjoyed the place since it feels so good and too cold, you don’t need any fans. When you plant something it will grow and the plants will be growing healthy. We love the place.

We are waiting for my sister to come back home tonight from Qatar. Then she will flew from Manila – Bacolod at 8pm. We will be fetching her in the airport soon and we are glad to see her safe.

She had been working hard and helped our parents. She will be riding on Cebu Pacific air. It will be another reunion for us as a family. We will be glad if the Lord will give her the right person to marry in the future.