My Graduation

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I graduated last April on my Ph.D. and I was glad to receive my diploma and privileges appertaining thereto. Thank you Lord for the blessings. I am grateful for the strength, the sweat, the sleepless nights and the courage to finish come what may. Now, I’m on my way to pursue another step higher higher than the normal activity. It will be another opportunity to be a blessing. The only thing that I can do is to ask the Lord for guidance and leading because I believe that I cannot do this by my own strength, it’s always by the grace of God. Thank you Lord.

Desire to be Healthy


Desiring to be healthy these days is quite hard and tough. There are delicious foods and it seems that people can’t resist. Yesterday, our speaker told us about staying healthy even when old. It’s good because we were reminded to eat healthy, stay healthy and even in old days we still enjoy life if we do so. It’s something that we always forget especially when we’re in front of food that we enjoy the most.

Healthy Food

Eating healthy and delicious food is always my desire. I became conscious because of my friend who told me that I was gaining weight after few months of my operation. I refrain from gaining some fats because I didn’t look good. And besides, it’s hard to loose weight again and again. In order to refrain form it I need to eat more of fruits and vegetables and less carbohydrates. That’s what I enjoy eating.