The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition

Desiring to be healthy is not bad. It is something that many desired especially the biggest loser Pinoy edition winner. This event at ABS-CBN hosted by megastar Sharon Cuneta had been the talk of town, not only here in Bacolod City but all over the Phil. and other parts of the world.

Now, they are excited to see the world and the people they love. Guess, they wanted to continue their desire to be healthy. The winner who was a policeman before wanted to go back to work. According to the ABS-CBN TV Patrol news this evening, the head of the police will find ways to allow him to go back to work and winner added, that he will find ways for the policemen to have routine exercises if he will be given a chance. He lose more than a hundred pounds. And that’s a big, interesting, and exciting news for the big people.

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