Exam in Organization and Administration

Exam in Organization and Administration
1. Use Cambria 12 font, short sized bond paper, single space, 1 inch margin on every side.
2. Grades will be passed next week.
3. Deadline for the exam will be on Tuesday, May 24, 2016, 5pm.
4. Thank you for being cooperative. Blessings to everyone!

Explain comprehensively in 130 words:

1. What are the common functions of the principal or manager that have positive effects to teachers or subordinates? Give at least 10 examples.

2. If given a chance to become a leader or principal in your school, are you willing to take the risks or live on the edge? Why and why not?

3. What are some possible stresses that an administrator or principal could give to his or her subordinates? Give at least 7 and explain concisely.

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