Food Safety Tips

I find it hard to loose weight this time, because my sister will usually bring us to different places with yummy food and at times we had eaten unhealthy food but yummy. However, the Department of Health gave some food safety tips. Here it is:

Food Safety is the assurance/guarantee that food will not cause harm to the consumers when it is prepared and/or eaten according to its intended use.

Food and Water-borne Diseases

Is a group of illness caused by any infectious (bacteria, viruses and parasites) and non-infectious agents (chemical, animal and plant toxins).

Common Causes of Food and Water Borne Diseases

¨ unsafe sources of drinking water
¨ improper disposal of human waste
¨ unhygienic practices like spitting anywhere, blowing or picking the nose
¨ unsafe food handling and preparation practices i.e. street vended foods

Five Keys to Safer Food (Source: WHO)

1. Keep Clean.
2. Separate raw and cooked foods.
3. Cook food thoroughly.
4. Keep food at safe temperatures.
5. Use safe water and raw materials.

In case of Suspected Food borne Illnesses

1. Preserve the evidence. If a portion of the suspected food is available, wrap it securely “danger” and freeze it.
2. Seek treatment as necessary. If symptoms persists or are severe (i.e. bloody diarrhea, excessive nausea and vomiting or high temperature), immediately consult a doctor.
3. Report the incidence to the local health department.

Thanks for these food tips. I’m encouraged to eat well balanced diet with fruits and vegetables again and again.

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