Fruits Eater

Fruits are good for health. Every time I’m sick I ate a lot of it. We enjoyed buying kilos of fruits. You can get a lot of vitamins and minerals. Wanna try some? Fruits in Thailand are quite cheap and fresh too. Oh how I missed those days. Here in the Phil. fruits are quite expensive due to 2nd and 3rd parties. I mean from the owners’ themselves, there’s a need of 2 or 3 persons to get the lower price and had a chance to make the price higher than expected. While in Thailand, I could still remember, there were no 2nd or 3rd parties. The owners would sell their own fruits from their hectares of orchard and sell it nearby. Usually, they sell it with their “Isuzu” cars and prices are already posted on the cars. You ca choose which car has the lowest price of fruits and you can buy more that 3 kilos for just a hundred.

I really love staying there. The only problem we have had was the schooling of our children which for us is non-negotiable. So we opted to come back and send our kids to school. Maybe someday somehow, we will be there again and enjoy these fruits we love most. Hubby would buy more than 3 kilos of mangosteen, another kilo of green mangoes that so sweet, another kilo of rambotan and other fruits available and usually I will be the one to finally eat it. That’s me!

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