Food Trip Friday with Yummy Sunday


I would like to join Food Trip Friday. This is my first time and glad I made it. On the other hand, I’m still enjoying to share Yummy Sunday photos. Glad to share this yummy durian as what my hubby said because I’m not an eater maybe because of the smell.

I don’t think hubby is getting the best food ever with this durian fruits. This kind of fruit can give you a lot of cholesterol if you take in to your body. However, a lot of people enjoyed eating this kind of fruit. According to them, it’s very delicious and yummy.

On the other hand, fruits like rambutan is one of my favorites. I really loved this. We were able to buy fresh from the fruit tree. Try to look at the pictures below:

Looks great right? We enjoyed getting all the rambutan fruits. It was an enjoyable moment for us.

10 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday with Yummy Sunday”

  1. My husband loves durian too. We tried to sneak it in once in our hotel when we were in Bangkok. The smell was a dead giveaway. The staff was kind enough to wrap it in plastic so we can eat it by the pool area 🙂 Stopping by from Food Trip Friday!

    The Twerp and I

  2. i haven’t see a rambutan tree yet. i love rambutan, too. durian–i’ve tried it, it was OK, the smell was not as disgusting as I thought. but my mom loves durian. she has to be reminded that it’s not good for her.:p

    welcome to FTF.

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