Healthy Lifestyle

Everyday I prepare fish and vegies to my kids. The younger, AJ, an 8-year old loved and enjoyed fast food like hotdog and fried chicken. Our teenager loved all, fried chicken, vegies and a lot. He’s not that big but is always conscious of his food taken. I always told them to eat healthy food to have a healthy body. The younger would usually cry when he saw fish all the time with vegies although he eats at times and by force.

Eating the right kind of food is always necessary for children to grow and have a healthy lifestyle in the future. Allowing them to eat anything especially unhealthy food would lead them to an unhealthy and sick body. So if the younger would insist, I would immediately told him of other people who suffered and have health problems. He would cry but would follow and eat in the end of the conversation especially when I prepare ampalaya, huh!

Loving our kids would mean something for me. I would allow them to eat unhealthy food at times but always. The food intake is very important for me and loving them would not mean giving them all they want. It is giving them the best food possible for their growth and their future. And they understand.

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