His Love Overflows

I could always attest to how my God carried me through amidst these hassles and dazzles of life. God is in control and He knows what is best for His children. Many things had happened and that is beyond our control. Even then, our choices can be controlled as well as our feelings and emotions. We can say “no” to the things that would harm us in the end. We can deny those things that would break us in the future. Even then, God knows how to break us if we are stiffnecked or wanted our own way. God can turn bad things into good and give Him the glory He deserves! It is all for His glory! And many times it would hurt or harm us if we disobey.

But then, men are sinners and wanted to do their own way as what the Bible declares. We wanted to be satisfied with fleshly desires and longings. Even then, He knows our way back to Him, when we are tried… we will come forth as gold! And we will be changed and everything will be done to honor Him and glorify His name! That’s what I believe!

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