Of hills and winds…

Running is one of the passions of my husband, he usually rise up very early in the morning to do his regimented lifestyle.  One of the things he will always have with him was his drinking bottle and mobile phone with earphones.  He used it to listen to the best and music, either instrumental and mellow genre. He said that while running and listening, his energy level seems to be enhanced.

He does cross country running as well, crisscrossing pathways and byways, streams and springs and even hills and dales.  I don’t know how he can endure such, but he said that he enjoys what he is doing. It gives him focus and clears his mind, running also allows him to understand himself and still discover an inner strength, when he feels like giving up along the way.  He said that you won’t understand it, unless you will feel the wet grasses on your feet, hear the rushing winds, the gurgling streams and inhale the cool morning air and even see the most beautiful breaking of dawn.

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