A Day to Remember

I could still remember the time when a friend of ours introduced another learning on how to earn on-line. It was a memorable experience and I enjoyed listening. Somehow, earnings would mean many things but it’s also something that will add to your earnings even just at home.

I will be more excited of the improvement and on how I share this to my friends and family members.

The Beaches in our Hometown

We went to Bulata resorts last December with our family. We missed this place because we grew up here and learned a lot. We visited the elementary school where we used to study and traveled to a nearby island in Sipalay City the next day. We slept in the beach resort that is owned by another friend and we stayed to our house the following day just to recall our childhood experiences. It was a week full of enjoyment seeing all the beaches we used to run and play when we’re still kids.

During the first day, we roamed around and gave time for our children to see the beaches. The next day we had another adventure and full of surprises since we went inside a small cave and people from different countries were swimming in the area. We’re amazed of the visitors from other places and countries who went there just to take pictures and swim in the beach that looked like Boracay island. Somehow, childhood days were reminisced by most of us us and we’re excited to visit that place again. Punta Bulata is a place that visitors can relax and feel the gentle breeze.

Music is Always a Part of Me

Music is always a part of me no matter what. It has been a joy sharing God’s gift to others. I love to sing and enjoy what I’ve been doing before. I enjoy listening to music especially the oldies or the style of Sandi Patti and other classical music. I also enjoy training the choir and doing something for the Lord. My aunties and uncles were singing before and I guess I got it from them. God is so amazing on how it handed from generation to another but it happened and I have it. Thank you Lord.

Life is Too Short

Life is too short to satisfy us, a saying that I could never forget. This is actually the truth and people desired to stay long on earth. But what is life after all. It is about eating, enjoying, doing things everyday and a lot more. Yet did we think of living life to the fullest? Are we thinking of something beyond our imagination? This is something that we need to think about. Since life is too short we need to do something that will last a lifetime. And that is God and His blessing that flow. Are we on track?

Meeting Old Friends

We had a chance to meet with my old friends last week until this week. Those are old friends in the music ministry when we’re still in college. Now, we have our own lives to live, different places we went and amazing work have accomplished but the most important and the best ever is the camaraderie and the love for music. We’ve been through tough times but still music is part of us and we always treasure the best memories and the laughter we shared!!!

Continue Blogging

Classes are about to start and I will be busy by then. But before having those busy days I must do something. I must write here and enjoy what I have started few years ago. I need to update my blog once in a while so that it will not look so dull and empty. It’s a joy to know that writing is the best way to express yourself. A way to show that you are still doing something for yourself, for others and for the internet world.

A friend of mine wish to write the same I do so I introduce her to some of my blogs. Just keep writing and feel free to ask questions if you are not sure.

The Travel

We were so hungry when we reach Maesot, Thailand. It’s the border of Thailand and Mayanmar or the known Burma. We went to the border but they call it back door because the Burmese will pass through that small boat and reach the other country. It’s peaceful during the day but our friend said, it’s dangerous during night time. We have learned many things during the travel and we met different kinds of people. We were even blessed by just listening to our friend sharing her experiences for 17 years in that place. What a wonderful experience indeed! We were blessed!