The Summer Vacation

This summer vacation is tough for our second child. Sometimes he doesn’t know what to do or even what to decide. But we have seen him enjoying in his new found skills in playing drums. He even asked me to buy vater so that he can play better. It will be a good start for this summer since we will be sending him to a music school to learn more. He might be excited by then.

My Son’s Graduation

Our eldest son graduated last Sunday in the course Computer Engineering. I have now an engineer. I was glad together with hubby that we were able to survive and thank God for that. God is always faithful in providing everything we need. Sending children to school these days is not that easy. We need courage and determination in order to pursue and finish what had started. Now, he’s on his way to find a job and I believe the Lord will will bless sour children especially our engineer.

The Gift of Playing

Have you ever wondered of this Guitar Center, squier guitars? I do. I was trying to look for the possible guitar that is to be given as a gift for our son who is trying to develop that gift of playing guitar like his older brother. It’s the best start for our son to use since most of the players started here especially the casual players. It will be the best gift for our son since they offer the same features like others. It will be an exciting experience for him this summer.

A Life of Blessings

I celebrated my birthday last week but it was shared to many such as friends, students, others and a family. I always enjoy sharing gifts, talents and skills to anybody. God has been good and faithful in giving me different gifts to share. I celebrated my birthday with my TCP students, BCC students, family with special guests and my co-teachers. It was fulfilling although during my birthday I was hurt. Somehow, I have learned not to expect anything from anybody in order not to be hurt again and again.

My Research

I am working on my research in English and trying to figure out the most important things to do. It’s not so easy but I need to finish everything. I have only few weeks to go and finish I’ve started. I need help to work things out. I might ask the help of my friends and colleagues. Thank God for their friendship. It’s something to be treasured.

My Desired Turntable

I really desired a turntable for my music ministry. It is something that will make everything settled in one place. This will also be helpful for our son AJ while doing his developed skill in playing guitar.

On the other hand, our church needs this as well. The music ministry usually led people to a higher level of worship and we need this kind of equipment to achieve it. Somehow acquiring one would be a blessing to the people who will be coming every Sunday and other days when they come and join the ministry.