We are leaving in a society whose lifestyle is one of hurry. If you take time      to just stand still for a while, and observe what’s happening around you. Surely, you can say – life now, is like a rat race. We have a society that glorifies youthfulness, we don’t seem to reflect about our mortality – our lifestyle is to “eat, drink and be merry, tomorrow we die.” Thus, life became tiresome, meaningless and uncontrollable.

We lost our equilibrium. We do not manage our energy level well, the end result boredom, depression and burn out. When you experience these, lighten up for a while and get back on track. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by accomplishing so much at one time. Take time to slow down, to recharge..replenish.

One way to do that is to take yourself away from stressful activities. Do some activities that will shift your attention. Let me suggest a few which I and my husband do: take time to watch a sunset, loaf around, spread a blanket under a shady tree and take a nap, take a day off and follow a hiking trail, or even take a dip in a river, play in the rain, splash water with your kids, watch your favorite movie, listen to your favorite song, just be alone and quiet for a while, and the best one have a dose of cheap medicine: laughter.

There might be other creative ways to handle stress, these are just some to help you rebound. Do take care of your emotions as well, take more of the things that make your day! And the simplest one – Exercise!

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