School Opens

The alarm clock in my dresser vibrates incessantly, and outside our house, the neighbor’s red cock proudly herald the awakening of a new day. I drag myself out of the bed, my husband is still sleeping and when I peep in to my kids room, both were still fast asleep. I am the only soul – who seems to roam the house sleepily… our pet dog, Shaider, a six months old Japanese spitz, lazily observe me with his sleepy eyes while I went to the kitchen to make the morning meals. Aah, what a time to start the day!

Today is the opening of the school for all universities, colleges and even elementary and secondary. For that reason, I had to be up early so that I won’t be late for the first day of school. Everyone in the family go to school, my husband is doing his continuing studies in one of the university, my eldest son taking engineering and he is in his senior year, while our youngest is Grade six at EC Montessori. I am teaching in one of the state college in the next city at the same time doing my Ph. D dissertation. The scenario in our house will like that of a fierce whirlwind passing through, then silence. It’s like everyone for himself, because each one needs to prepare for school.

We eat breakfast together and also went out of the house together, then each to his destination. This year our youngest son will learn to commute on his own starting this opening, he had ask permission from the school director to allow him to do so, and for me it’s a good start for him. With all this, perhaps my blogging might be affected again.. but don’t worry – I will find time to share stories that will make your day. For now, I bade adieu, till next time – I need to prepare for a long week this opening.

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