Stay Healthy and Strong

Eating Healthy Food and fruits are always the best.  We wanted to stay healthy and strong but we can’t avoid unhealthy food. It’s the irony of it, however, eating healthy diet is always the best and we can attest to it. Those who are not eating healthy food suffered from different illnesses. Staying healthy would mean something like eating healthy food, fresh fruits and following a healthy diet everyday. It means a lot when we want to stay healthy.

Making it a habit everyday, and you will reap the harvest at the proper time. Our father is already in his 70’s but still okay since he would love and enjoy eating fish, like tinola (fish with leafy vegies) and refrain from eating meat, pork and poultry. I also have seen people suffered at a young age because they love to eat pork, poultry and the like. They would cry when fish is prepared on the table. That’s why I always choose healthy food for my family like healthy fruits and juices.

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