Sweet Cake of Sugarlandia

Calea Cake House Bacolod is a very famous place in our city where most people would spend their coffee break or merienda (tea time) to enjoy its most delicious cakes and desserts. When our friends from the U.S. came over for a visit, we invited them to have a taste of our delicious cakes, of which the Sugarlandia (Negros Island) is very famous. Our friends really enjoy the treats and the ambiance of the place which suits their palette and spirit. We told them that it’s always part of our people and culture – a way of enjoying the good life.

According to history, cakes began in ancient Egypt as round, flat, unleavened breads that were cooked on a hot stone. Then it evolves from its crude form to what it is that we enjoy today, over many centuries, by way of introducing new ingredients and technology. The Egyptian’s discovery and their skill of using natural yeast give more form and extra zest to once flat and unleavened cakes. When butter and eggs were added into the cake dough, and even sugar, chocolates and variety of nuts were used, it became the precursor for today’s cakes, which all people from all walks of life were enjoying.

Anyway, my desire to be healthy is still in my mind and heart but I am tempted to eat once of this cake, just a try, huh!
Happy cake day, and enjoy the good life.

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