Take in Healthy Food

This week, I had been curious and sensitive of what I take in to my body. It is quite hard since I had had been eating a lot since my sister came back from work abroad. We ate from here and there because she missed a lot of Filipino food. Anyway, I tried to avoid and at least I watched at the food intake. Avoiding junk food that have a good taste to the palate is not just easy, I need to control myself and be sensitive all the time.

I avoid cola or soda, fatty food like pork and other food that has many fats. I used to eat fruits and vegetables. I slowly gained weight when my sister came but I insist of taking food that have many nutrients and healthy to the body. I enjoy eating paksiw (fish with vinegar and soy sauce) , laswa (mixed vegetables) and fish. It gives healthy nutrients to the body and I am proud of it. I seldom eat burger and french fries although at times I was tempted. But I immediately ate fruits and vegetables to be cleansed from junk food.


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