The Cleansing Tea

Last time I was sharing about the cleansing tea that my sister was using before she left to working abroad.
Here’s the indication:

Clinical experiment proved that the tea has functions and here they are:
– reducing weight and blood fat
– expelling toxin
– beautifying
– loosing the bowel relieve constipation
– promote fat metabolism
– reducing cholesterol and removing halitosis or bad breath.

It is administered in the treatment of simple obesity and habitual constipation, health protection and beauty to human body. You can see a better result after 30 days. It can be taken three times daily, half an hour before every meal. I just take 2 times, last night and today and I have seen the effect after taking this tea. It’s a Chinese Tea and in a reasonable price.

A friend of mine also did give a box of tea when we stayed in the quarantine area when my son and I had experienced COVID few months ago. That tea helps me keep going too. I enjoyed drinking that kind of tea. Somehow, drinking a cup of tea makes me feel good.

Now I’m on my way to cleansing with beauty, wanna join? Lol!

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