The Mystery of Dragon Fruit

When we’re in Thailand few years ago, we have seen many fruits that I haven’t tried yet. A lot of times we saw in the wet market, in the supermarket or even in malls. I was tempted to buy since I love to eat fruits and vegetables. However, I’m scared of the taste. After few months hubby and I were doing window shopping and while looking at the different kinds and colors of the fruits properly placed in the fruit stand we were tempted to take a look and we bought one which we haven’t tried for the rest of our lives.

We’re scared of that fruit because of the name. It sounds dangerous and I’m scared of the name itself. Anyhow, we bought and tried at home. That was known as dragon fruit. For may years we saw it but we hadn’t tried. We even didn’t know of the benefit it may give to our body. Just this morning when I checked yahoo news I discovered the benefits. Wow! It’s something.

The retired woman who is a mother of 4 was a planter and a producer of dragon in Ilocos Norte, Phil. She was a former manager of an insurance company and a graduate of Psychology at the University of the Philippines      in Dalian, Quezon City. Now, at the age of 66 she is producing dragon fruits and was awarded by Malacanang last May 23. She received a presidential award as this year’s most outstanding high-value commercial crop farmer. The award came with P100,000 prize. This is something, right?

She only thought of the benefit it may give to her special child who had been suffering from a cerebral palsy. According to Dacuycuy, the lady producer   of dragon fruit and I quote, “her first dragon fruit came from a friend who came from Macau who has heard of the fruit as good for those suffering from frequent constipation problem, common among cerebral palsy patients.” Then she planted the vine that she got in their backyard, that was 6 years  ago. Even their neighbors were wondering of what they’re doing but they never told them that they were planting dragon fruit. Because according to them (the family) they were doing a trial and error method of planting.

The lady’s library was the internet during that time. She was checking the         net every now and then on what to do about it. She even found out that the exotic dragon fruit is rich in fiber that helps in the elimination of wastes. It contains high levels of vitamin C, calcium and phosphorous, including other nutritional benefits such as high levels of antioxidants that can help prevent cancer, high blood pressure, rheumatism and urinary tract infection.

I firmly agree that Thailand has many plantations of this fruit because I saw it with my own eyes on how they sell the fruits anywhere. We were wondering why many people young and old love the fruit. It is also being cultivated in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan as what the lady producer said. Now, I am starting to love the fruit and wanted to eat it, huh! Try to look at the picture of the lady producer below.

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