When COVID Strikes

When COVID -19 strikes the world, all of us were caught unaware. Some had difficulty in facing the pandemic. Others suffered due to the loss of loved ones. Many were afraid of losing someone especially a member of a family because it strikes anywhere and kills many.

I, for one, had experienced this tremendous effect and suffered for a month. It’s not that easy if your son experienced the same thing and feels the same fear as others. We cannot do anything otherwise. Nobody could say, he won’t be experiencing COVID because not even one is exempted. We are all victims and unaware of where to get this virus. The only thing we can do is to be aware, protect ourselves, and follow the protocols in order to be safe.

Somehow, following our government warnings would mean something for our own benefit. But how long are we going to suffer? When will it be stopped? Only God has the POWER to stop this pandemic and only God can protect the person with COVID. Let us all protect each other and be cooperative even up to this time. This is the second year of the pandemic and still, we are not sure of what might happen.

Let us TRUST and not be afraid of the future for we know that He who promised is faithful and I know who holds tomorrow and we are safe with Him, our Redeemer, and Creator!

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