Hurting Moments

I have a lot of hurting moments the past year and early this year. It’s sad but it hurts me deeply. What I did was to cry out to the Lord since I don’t have anybody to talk to and to share share with. Somehow, the Lord is teaching me to continually pray for my kiddos with hubby. I have nothing to do but to cry and cry…. This will not last a lifetime but the pain is there reminding me that only God can help us carry the burden, only HIM can give us the peace that we need. He is only the answer… Thank you Lord!

The Season of Giving

If we look at the picture immediately we can relate it to Christmas. Yes, Christmas is the season that we can enjoy. We love to see stars, different balls and Christmas trees. This is the season of giving and receiving, a season of laughter and joyous moments although some are suffering and experience tears and sadness. Amidst all these things we could say that we could still rejoice knowing that the Savior was born and came to earth for a purpose and that is to save His people from their sins.

A Gift for Myself

I am excited to buy a new audio technica microphones for my singing career. It’s been a while that I desired to have one for specific purposes only. I wanted to give myself a gift that will last, that means something that I can use anywhere and will be used longer.

This is the right time since it’s a season that we give and receive, something to cherish and be treasured. Thank God for the gifts and for everything.

A Birthday Prayer

Many of us wanted to feel the presence of our family and friends. It is somewhat a good reputation that we got from our parents. Every time there is an occasion or birthday party in school we usually greet and pray for them. It is already a habit that we choose to bless our friends. WE always thank God for all the blessings we had received in the past up to the present.

Carrying a Lamp

Carrying a lamp into a forest night doesn’t guarantee you will see all the trees. It only means hat you can see a few steps ahead of you. Far enough to keep your feet sure.
Likewise, as the Lord lights your path, He may not shine all the answers to the questions in your mind but He will give you all the light you need to scale life’s obstacles with faith and confidence!!!

Happy Birthday Nanay!

It’s our Nanay’s birthday today. Nanay Concepcion is her name. We are blessed because without our Nanay and Tatay we are not here. Thank you Lord for blessing our Nanay with good health. Thank you Jesus for the gift of life.

Many friends and relatives are also celebrating their birthdays this month and many are enjoying and celebrating God’s faithfulness in their lives. God is great and greatly to be praised!

Our Son’s Learning Experiences

Our second son is growing faster and learning as well. He is now enjoying his lessons in music and wanted to learn more. One thing for sure is to give him a gift that he desires in this Christmas season. We are looking for the elegant and memorable guitar buy instrument that he always wanted to achieve. Hubby and I will be excited to get one for him.

We saw him playing the instrument in the church. We are glad to see them both (with his brother) playing and enjoying using their talent in music.