My Research

I am working on my research in English and trying to figure out the most important things to do. It’s not so easy but I need to finish everything. I have only few weeks to go and finish I’ve started. I need help to work things out. I might ask the help of my friends and colleagues. Thank God for their friendship. It’s something to be treasured.

My Desired Turntable

I really desired a turntable for my music ministry. It is something that will make everything settled in one place. This will also be helpful for our son AJ while doing his developed skill in playing guitar.

On the other hand, our church needs this as well. The music ministry usually led people to a higher level of worship and we need this kind of equipment to achieve it. Somehow acquiring one would be a blessing to the people who will be coming every Sunday and other days when they come and join the ministry.

My Teenager is Growing Fast

That’s my teenager! Wanted to do his own way and wanted to be free at times. That’s my boy! I’m always thankful to God for this gift of life, the awaited time to have a baby. Done with love and affection of Mama and Papa. Thank you Lord for life and love shared together by parents. It’s indeed a blessing! He is now growing and learning his own way. He could easily make friends like his Papa and a good friend to anybody.

Hurting Moments

I have a lot of hurting moments the past year and early this year. It’s sad but it hurts me deeply. What I did was to cry out to the Lord since I don’t have anybody to talk to and to share share with. Somehow, the Lord is teaching me to continually pray for my kiddos with hubby. I have nothing to do but to cry and cry…. This will not last a lifetime but the pain is there reminding me that only God can help us carry the burden, only HIM can give us the peace that we need. He is only the answer… Thank you Lord!

The Season of Giving

If we look at the picture immediately we can relate it to Christmas. Yes, Christmas is the season that we can enjoy. We love to see stars, different balls and Christmas trees. This is the season of giving and receiving, a season of laughter and joyous moments although some are suffering and experience tears and sadness. Amidst all these things we could say that we could still rejoice knowing that the Savior was born and came to earth for a purpose and that is to save His people from their sins.