The Celebration: All Saint’s Day

It’s another year to celebrate this All Saint’s Day. Many people young and old were coming to visit their family in the different cemeteries nationwide and even worldwide. People are busy doing the visit and family gathering as well. We might be visiting as well either today or tomorrow.

Buses are busy and are already full according to the news yesterday. This is the time of the year wherein people gathered for one cause and one purpose. At the same time happenings here and there and some although were not allowed to bring hard drinks and knives or harmful objects that could hurt anybody.

This celebration must be given importance and we should always remember what our lives would be after life.

Back to Blogging

I was out for blogging for nearly a month now. I was so busy doing things in school. At last, I’m back and glad to be here again. Now, I can write and update my blog.

When blogging is already a part of your life, you can’t help but go back and start writing again. It renews your writing skills and keeps you going in your writing career and updates you with all the things that are happening around the world.

For some, blogging is already a part of their lifestyle and their career online. But for me, whatever I do, I can write anywhere and I enjoy doing it.

Endterm Exams

It’s our exam week and many students were trying hard just to finish all their requirements and take the exam. Although some were in a panic situation because they have little time studying. Somehow, after exams teachers can prepare the grades. And do other things needed especially for other requirements.

Other students desire to have a better grade but they work less compared to those who deserve and work hard. My kids are also working and trying to do their best.

Teacher’s Day Celebration


Today is the World Teacher’s Day where teachers were given a time to be recognized and be given thanks for all their sacrifices for the good of the students. To all the teachers…. Happy Teacher’s Day!!! Words will never be enough how thankful we are to know you all who had been a blessing to all of us and had been there through thick and thin. Thank you so much for the patience, love and time spent.

Preparing for Board

Hubby is preparing for his board exam today. One of the things that we want to thank God for, is the gift of wisdom. All through the years hubby was back to school and he wanted to finish what he had started. It’s a blessing that he did it right this time since he is looking at his children growing up and becoming to be adults after few years. Hubby and I are excited to see them grow and learning more about the Lord and His word. Thank you God for all the blessings and the gifts of children as well as wisdom you will be giving to hubby today as he will take his board exam in LET. I am always thankful to the Lord for the grace and the joy of service.

A Great Day

It’s a great day tomorrow for our students. They will be joining in the many activities for their first time Intramural in the graduate studies.

Some were not sure what to do while others were excited to be a part of the big activity in school. We will go early morning so we will sleep now and wake up early tomorrow.

Be Patient

One of the things I learned while teaching my students is to be patient. There were more than 40 students I have in one class and at times I feel frustrated since most of them were not listening. So I need to do something in order for them to listen and pay attention to what I am trying to say. This is indeed a virtue that many instructors would like to develop in this present generation.