Developing the Students’ EQ

This week will be a busy week for everyone in the school. Students and teachers like will be participating in different activities and each one has its own role to play. This is where EQ or the known Emotional Quotient is being developed. They will participate and develop the camaraderie, the patience wherein other students would be very slow in the process. Others will be very busy in looking for the right person to judge during the different contests. And some will work on the prizes and help in the announcements and the games.

Somehow, our students are developed in all aspects tin order to become a full grown individual to face the coming challenges in the future.

The Music Inside of Him

Our youngest son is now working on his desire to be a part of the music team in our church. We’re glad to see him growing and searching for the best instrument. We wanted him to learn shure pgxd14 from woodwind brasswind that he could practice and sure enough, if he continues to work on it, he can be one of the instrumentalists. Every week, they try to practice with the help of the trainers. Thank God for the gift of music.

Not Too Late for Vacation


Going to another place just to relax is another wish we have had few months ago. After all the planning and decisions to be made we decided to go and be away from our work for 2 days. It is indeed a place that we can rest and be away from our work routine and relax in another island away from home. It’s a place owned by a German married to a Filipina. A new place and away from the maddening crowd. A place of comfort just for a moment in order for us to be refreshed and renewed again ready to another week ahead. A clean island with nipa hut beside the seashore.

It’s quite cheap as far as food is concerned. We ate 480 Php good for 11 persons just for dinner. It’s something that we desired to go back.

After the Struggle



Just having some fun after graduation. Indeed, our labor is not in vain because God is with us. Thank God for the gift of life and wisdom. It’s not so easy when we study in a higher level courses. However, we enjoyed and had fun after all those years of struggle in order to finish what we had started. It’s only by the grace of God that we were able to survive and keep going. It’s always our desire to move on and we did it with the help of the Lord.

Exam in Organization and Administration

Exam in Organization and Administration
1. Use Cambria 12 font, short sized bond paper, single space, 1 inch margin on every side.
2. Grades will be passed next week.
3. Deadline for the exam will be on Tuesday, May 24, 2016, 5pm.
4. Thank you for being cooperative. Blessings to everyone!

Explain comprehensively in 130 words:

1. What are the common functions of the principal or manager that have positive effects to teachers or subordinates? Give at least 10 examples.

2. If given a chance to become a leader or principal in your school, are you willing to take the risks or live on the edge? Why and why not?

3. What are some possible stresses that an administrator or principal could give to his or her subordinates? Give at least 7 and explain concisely.

A Birthday Wish

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A birthday wish for our son turned 21 the other day (May 9) during the national election. It was indeed a whole day of thanksgiving. Many friends came and we celebrated with the family as well. Father, thank you for the blessing of love and life to our dear son. He has been a gift to us amidst the struggles and difficulties of life. Thank God for giving us our sons to cherish and to hold.

It’s indeed a blessing to have children. It’s our prayer that the Lord continue to bless them and that they will choose to obey God and walk in His ways.

Summer Youth Camp

Summer Youth Camp is one great activity that young people can get involved with during their summer break. They will have the opportunity to met new friends from other places, enjoy the fun games, group dynamics and team building activities. They might even have the opportunity to explore nature or just bask on the beach, depending on the venue of the camp.

Youth Camps have different themes and different age group being catered, yet the main reason why camps were conducted was for the youth to prepare themselves for a leadership role and to take on responsibility on their respective school, family and community. The youth were trained, equipped and molded to become a better person, through varied activities including a peep talk from great motivational speakers,

My son Asher Josh, was able to attend one of such camp, and i was glad that he had consented to go. I know that he will be learning new things that will help him reach and unleashed his full potentials.